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Balen, His Statements And The Media

Balen Shah and his notorious statements on social media, time again and again, always amaze the audience. As mayor of Kathmandu City, many have stated their opinion of his work. His glory and criticism are like Mr. Worldwide; that is what I would like to say, at least. But in everyday newspapers, his name or work written is like once in a blue moon. In that part, I may complain a little less because what happens around the world is more important than his tantrums. Yes, he and his tantrums. In a recent statement, he complained that some private company was holding the meeting he left and other ministers were there to sell the country.

१७ वटा नगरपालिकाले कुनै Private Company बाट पैसा खाएर बसाएको बैठक बहिसकार गरेको हो, कसैको अपमान गरेको होईन ।

नेताज्युहरुले त देशनै बेच्न खोजिसक्नु भो,

तर काठमाडौं महानगर बिक्रीमा छैन ।

तपाईंहरुले पुरै देशनै बेच्नुभो भने पनि, काठमाडौं एक्लै नेपाल भनेर उभिनेछ ।

Balen Shah facebook post

 Accusing someone with baseless proof might not be something as problematic as it may seem in our country. Many politicians have done that before, and he may be no different. Also, I would expect everything to be the same from him. There is a Nepali proverb,जुन जोगी आएपनि कानै चिरेको ।”.

On this Balen, His Statements And The Media is not just about half of the statement he gave. It is the other half of the statement where he says if they all choose to be corrupt, then he alone chose Kathmandu to be Nepal. Here is where all the problem lies. The infrastructural development, educational development, political changes, population, and ease to people, unheard voices to be heard only when it whispers in the walls of Kathmandu. A little change that only happens in Kathmandu valley. Here, the population outside Kathmandu are treated unequally in these matter. The phrase ‘Only Kathmandu is Nepal.’ has been loud and clear among many Nepalis. The line of Balen saying the same should not be count so lightly.

As mayor of any metropolitan city, nobody has the right to divide any state, province, or city of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. What he said is not only politically incorrect but also against the Constitution of the country. The person who stated that he won’t be following any orders from the District Court should at least have the dignity to follow the Constitution. 

 No one have any right to speak against the Constitution of the country. He does not become a hero by stating these statements and showing his tantrums in meetings. 

The mindset of young leaders is at stake. And here we all are. Doomed.

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