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Are you Ready to Know Where is Your Dream Vacation?

Recently, we have published the freshest brain ticklers of “Would You Rather.” Have you played it yet? If not, then you should check that out first because this post is complete with knowing what you would do in the dilemma. This quiz will show you the result of what you would do based on just a few questions. Would you grab a drink in Paris or take a safari? This quiz will precisely tell you what you will do. So, are you ready to know what exactly would you do on your dream vacation?

What is the ideal souvenir?

Tribal art

Wine & Cheese

Spa Products

Outdoor Gear

For you, what is the most important vacation factor?


Disconnecting from city

Luxury amenities


In your ideal vacation, what would you prefer to take a trip around?

Have a safari vehicle

Ride on scenic trains

A private tour

Transport in a river cruises

Where will you have your, favorite dining experience?

Bonfire dining

Vineyard dinners

Dining in the tree house

Explore on day feast at night

Which activity would you prefer to include in your vacation itinerary?

Hiking around the area to scenic overlooks

Wine tasting tour

Guided wildlife safaris

Meditative retreats

How do you prefer to relax during your vacation?

Lounging by the sun

Have tea in pristine mountain landscapes

Adventure in iconic wildlife and savannas

Walk, talk, and connect with nature

What is your ideal transportation, if you could use every day?

Hot air balloon

Convertible car

Bullet train

Cruise ship

Relax in Chitwan

You love spending your vacation time in sipping wine in a luxurious infinity pool. You definitely, love to eat pizza forever. Live in a world where everyone communicates through dance moves, have dinner with Rajesh Hamal, and spend a day exploring the depths of the ocean. So, as now you know, are you ready to explore your dream vacation?

Explorer, Safari in Chitwan National Park, Shuklaphanta Nation Park.

You love exploring in your free time. You would definitely, love to speak all foreign languages fluently, live in a world where everyone communicates through dance moves, and spend a day with Sherlock Holmes. So, as now you know, are you ready to explore your dream vacation?

Nature Lover, Visit Manang, Mustang, Solukhumbu

Relaxing in a charming mountain lodge surrounded by pristine nature. You would definitely spend a day hiking to the highest peak of a mountain. And have a splendor hike with Rajesh Hamal, have the voice of an angel to sing on every corner of the world, and have the power to teleport anywhere in the world. So, as now you know, are you ready to explore your dream vacation?

Wanderer of the Neon World

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you just want to get away every now and then. For you, every corner of Nepal that brings silence is yours. Exploring remote jungles and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of city life. You will love to have the ability to talk to animals, spend a day with Harry Potter, and have an endless library of books. So, as now you know, are you ready to explore your dream vacation?

Are you ready for it?

So, are you ready to plan your next vacation where you truly belong? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for us to suggest the best places for your vacation? Make sure you comment below and let us know your opinion. Share it with your partner, or friends, and discover which type they are so you can even plan a surprise trip with them. Does that sound great? Your adventure awaits, so let’s embark on this journey together and make unforgettable memories in the destination that resonates with your personality.

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