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Are You Ready for the 2024 Kantipur Half Marathon?

As we approach one of the year’s most exciting events, runners and fans are preparing for the 12th Kantipur Half Marathon. Since it started in 2011, this yearly running event has been organized by Kantipur Media Group. It’s not just about testing how far runners can go, but also about bringing people together through sports. So, are you ready to join in and be part of the Kantipur Half Marathon this year?

What to Expect

The Kantipur Half Marathon this year, happening on May 18, will offer a variety of events to keep participants engaged and excited. Whether it’s the tough 21.1 km men’s and women’s half marathon, the fun Corporate Run (5 km), the spirited College Run (7 km), or the empowering Wheelchair Race (3 km), there’s an event suited for everyone to enjoy and support. With each step taken, runners will embody the event’s slogan, ‘Run to inspire the young,’ fueling motivation and resolve throughout the journey.

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Route Highlights and Exciting Prizes

The highlight of the Kantipur Half Marathon is the half marathon itself, starting from the Central Business Park in Thapathali. It promises a picturesque route, passing through notable landmarks like Maitighar Mandala, Baneshwar, Tinkune, Koteshwar, Jadibuti, Lokanthali, Ghatthaghar, Thimi, Sallaghari Chowk, and return to the starting point through the same route. Winners of the men’s and women’s half marathon will each receive a purse of 100,000. The runner-up in the half marathon will take home 50,000, while the third-placed, fourth-placed, fifth-placed, and sixth-placed runners will receive Rs30,000, Rs20,000, Rs10,000, and Rs5,000 respectively.

In the wheelchair division, the top three finishers will receive Rs30,000, Rs20,000, and Rs10,000, respectively. Additionally, prizes and gift baskets will be awarded to the top three finishers in both the corporate and college runs.

Register Now!

As the excitement builds up, let’s be part of this extraordinary journey. Whether you’re a seasoned runner seeking to conquer new milestones or a novice eager to embrace the thrill of the marathon, there’s no better time to lace up your shoes and register for the Kantipur Half Marathon. Registration is open until Thursday (16th May 2024), so seize the opportunity to become part of something truly remarkable through its link. Let’s embark on this adventure together, fueled by passion, determination, and the shared joy of running.

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