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Are Nepali sports players underpaid?

Sports are not just games but a way of life. In recent years there have been many controversies regarding the payment of Nepalese sports players. Many of them have come to the media and expressed their disappointment regarding the salary they get for the amount of hard work they put in. From the intense battles on the cricket field to the electrifying moments on the football pitch, Nepali athletes pour their hearts and souls into their passion. Yet they are often grappling with financial woes, and their sacrifices are often overlooked and undervalued. So, let’s explore why Nepali sports players are underpaid.

The reason behind underpayment of Nepali sports players

The root of this issue lies in the lack of essential resources and investment in sports development. While Nepal boasts a wealth of talent across various sports, the infrastructure to nurture and support these athletes remains inadequate. Limited funding for training facilities, coaching staff, and equipment not only impedes the athletes’ progress but also translates into meager salaries that fail to meet their basic needs. Even the famous Nepali sportsperson complains about underpayment.

are nepali sports players underpaid

Unlike their counterparts in countries with professional leagues, Nepali athletes are often in disadvantage. The absence of lucrative contracts and consistent income streams leaves them reliant on random tournaments or government-backed events, which often fail to provide sustainable earnings. Consequently, dreams are hard to fulfill, and the pathway to success seems elusive for many aspiring athletes.

Scarcity of sponsorship opportunities and endorsement

The international stage offers a glimmer of hope, yet it remains distant for most Nepali athletes. While sports like cricket and football enjoy fervent support within the country, their global visibility pales in comparison to more mainstream sports. We have seen the cricketers like Virat Kohli doing brand endorsements. Players earn from endorsements too but in Nepal, this too is very hard. Even famous sportsperson aren’t given this opportunity. Sponsorship opportunities and endorsement deals remain scarce, denying athletes the financial security they deserve for their dedication and hard work.

Lack of government support

Compounding the issue is the heavy reliance on government support, which often falls short of providing adequate compensation. While financial assistance is essential for athletes to pursue their dreams, the meager stipends and allowances offered are often insufficient to cover even the most basic expenses. As a result, many talented individuals have to make the agonizing choice between pursuing their passion and securing their livelihood.

Consequences of underpayment of Nepali sports players

The consequences of underpayment reverberate far beyond the realm of sports. They perpetuate a cycle of underrepresentation and underdevelopment, robbing Nepali sports of the opportunity to flourish globally. Also, talented individuals leave this field because of low payment leaving a void in the sporting landscape of Nepal. If this persist, Nepal can never prosper in sector of sports. As a result, Nepali players are leaving Nepal.

are nepali sports player underpaid?

What to do now?

Yet, amidst the challenges lies a glimmer of hope. By addressing the systemic issues at hand, we can pave the way for a brighter future for Nepali athletes. Famous sportspersons should be given an opportunity for endorsements in Nepal. Increased investment in sports infrastructure, the establishment of professional leagues, and diversification of revenue streams through sponsorships and endorsements are vital steps towards ensuring that athletes receive the recognition and compensation they rightfully deserve.


We explore why Nepali sports players are underpaid. Now together, let us champion the cause of Nepali athletes and strive towards a future where their talents are celebrated and their sacrifices acknowledged. And ee have to do it through collective action and unwavering commitment that we can truly elevate the stature of Nepali sports on the world stage.

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