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All About The NRN Card

An identity card known as an NRN Card is provided by the Nepali government to non-resident Nepalis. According to the NRN Act and bylaws, NRN card holders are entitled to a number of benefits. It is given to people who get in touch with the relevant government agency. In this article, we have written all the information about the NRN card including the benefits and process of getting one.

Who is responsible for issuing NRN cards?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kathmandu is the organization that issues the NRN card. The Nepali Embassies and Missions are responsible for issuing NRN cards outside of Nepal.

What benefits come with owning an NRN card?

  • The person’s identification as an NRN
  • Free entry and stay permits in Nepal (for nationals of non-SAARC countries only).
  • The ability to open a foreign exchange bank account in convertible currency
  • Possession of convertible foreign currency investment rights
  • A clause allowing for the repatriation of investment proceeds in convertible foreign currency, provided the investment was made in the same currency, out of Nepal
  • Limited land purchases and sales (the area as defined by NRNA bylaws) 
  • Ancestral property inheritance and ownership in Nepal 
  • Tax exemption on the initial investment capital
  • Tax exemption certificate on up to NPR15 lakhs of personal expenses remitted to NRN’s close relatives in a single fiscal year
  • Exemption from taxes on monies sent through official banking channels for charitable, sporting, educational, and disaster relief projects; 
  • Rights to establish businesses and industries and to take advantage of investment opportunities not available to foreigners.

How does one go about getting an NRN card?

In order to receive an NRN Card, NRNs must register their names and submit an application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kathmandu, Nepal, or to Nepal’s embassies and missions overseas. The application must include all required details in the format specified in the NRN Bylaws 2009 (2066).

A list of the documents needed to get an NRN card:

1. Foreign Nationals of Nepali Origin

  • A properly completed application form (as required by NRN Bylaws 2009(2066)) 
  • A copy of the naturalization certificate provided by the relevant country
  •  A copy of the passport issued by the relevant country 
  • A copy of the citizenship certificate, which serves as proof of Nepali origin for individuals who previously held Nepali citizenship)
  • A copy of the parent(s)’ or grandparent(s)’ citizenship certificate, or any other document attesting to their Nepali nationality and demonstrating their relationship.
  • A record or evidence of any occupation or business venture in the nation of their current nationality.
  • A record or evidence of employment in the nation where one currently resides.
  • A current photo the size of a passport (for the application form)
  • A pair of current passport-sized photos (for the identity card)
  • Card and Application Fee

2. Nepali Nationals in Foreign Countries

  • A properly completed application (as directed by NRN Bylaws 2009(2066))
  • A copy of the certificate of citizenship in Nepal
  • A copy of the passport for Nepal
  • Documents pertaining to a business or profession in the nation where one is currently residing
  • A record or evidence of employment in the nation where one is currently residing
  • A current passport-sized picture
  • A pair of current passport-sized photos (for the identity card)
  • Card and Application Fee

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