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Who We Are

About GazzabKoo

About Us

We are a dedicated team committed to developing connections and promoting Nepal’s distinctive culture. GazzabKoo is more than simply an entertainment magazine, it is a dynamic platform designed to unite Nepalese people worldwide. Our purpose is simple yet profound, encourage cooperation, inspire shared experiences, and strengthen the links that bind us. As you go on this trip with us, expect a unique blend of entertainment, culture, and stories that reflect the diverse fabric of the global Nepalese community. Join us in creating a stronger, more connected world for Nepalese people globally.

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Our Vision

  • To showcase the rich tapestry of Nepalese culture, fostering a sense of unity among our people.
  • To bridge the distance gaps amongst Nepali people globally, creating a space where everyone can find content that resonates with their experiences and interests.
  • To highlight positive stories that inspire an uplift, contributing to a more optimistic and hopeful narrative for the Nepalese community.

Our Content Team

Editor: Swarnima Paudel
Authors: Bigya Khatiwada, Drishti Yonjan, Meera Kami
Social Media: Sesam Rana Magar, Pranit Kushwaha

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Our Policy

We are capturing the essence of the most happening events in Nepal and among Nepalis worldwide while also offering engaging entertainment content.

Our editorial mission revolves around three key pillars: relevance, audience-centricity, and purpose.

We prioritize covering topics and events that are current, impactful, and relevant to our readership. Whether it is political developments, social issues, cultural celebrations, or technological advancements, we aim to provide timely and insightful coverage that resonates with our audience’s interests and concerns. By staying abreast of the latest happenings, we ensure that our content remains engaging and informative.

Our primary focus is on our readership – the diverse Nepali community both within Nepal and scattered across the globe. We understand the varied interests, preferences, and needs of our audience, and we tailor our content to cater to these different demographics. From thought-provoking articles on pressing issues facing Nepal to lighthearted features on entertainment and lifestyle, we strive to offer a well-rounded experience that appeals to readers of all ages and backgrounds.

Above all, we believe in the power of journalism to inform, inspire, and empower. Through our articles, features, and interviews, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of Nepali society, culture, and identity. We seek to amplify voices that are often marginalized or overlooked, championing inclusivity and diversity in our storytelling. Additionally, we recognize the role of entertainment in bringing joy and laughter to people’s lives, and we curate content that serves as a source of entertainment and escapism for our readers.

In essence, our magazine is a reflection of the vibrant tapestry of Nepali life – celebrating the triumphs, grappling with the challenges, and embracing the rich cultural heritage that defines us. With every article we publish, we remain committed to upholding these editorial principles and serving as a trusted source of information and inspiration for our readership.

Our organization recognizes the invaluable role that feedback plays in shaping our content and services. We employ various channels to collect feedback from our audience, including online surveys, social media platforms, email communication, and direct interactions at events. Additionally, we encourage readers to share their thoughts and suggestions through letters to the editor, ensuring that every voice is heard.

Once feedback is received, we have established protocols to ensure prompt and systematic responses. Our dedicated feedback team carefully reviews all submissions, categorizes them based on themes and priority, and forwards them to the relevant departments for action. Whether it’s addressing concerns, implementing suggestions, or acknowledging praise, we strive to provide personalized and meaningful responses to every feedback received.

We first possibly try to avoid creating any kind of social conflict both online and offline. We aim for neutrality on our page. If opinions clash, we create an environment where everyone’s views are heard, not just ours.

At our organization, we uphold a set of standards that guide the behavior of individuals at both personal and organizational levels, while also reflecting our corporate values. These standards include professionalism, integrity, respect, and accountability, and they serve as the foundation for how we conduct ourselves in all aspects of our work.

At our organization, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our editorial content. Our diversity policies are designed to ensure that our publications accurately reflect the richness and complexity of the communities we serve and that they provide a platform for diverse voices to be heard. Key components of our diversity policies include inclusive content creation, language sensitivity, representation and transparency. 

Diversity is not simply a value, but also the basis of our employment, staffing, and hiring practices at our organization. We promote an inclusive atmosphere where each person feels respected and empowered by celebrating the diversity of viewpoints and backgrounds. Equal opportunities and progress for all are made possible by our equitable recruiting procedure and a proactive outreach to different talent pools.