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A Guide to Making the Perfect Selroti

Nepal’s cuisines vary widely in flavor and taste due to the country’s unique cultural heritage. However, some foods are universal and help to bring the nation together. One of them is sel roti, or just sel. And let us be honest- who doesn’t love selroti? As good as it is, we have to admit that this beloved dish can be a little tricky to make. This is why have come up with a guide to making the perfect selroti. 


Sel roti resembles a Nepali doughnut in shape. It’s a classic ring-shaped sweet bread from Nepal that is made with rice flour or granulated rice and deep-fried in oil or ghee.


Most Nepalis adore this traditional dessert, which they serve during weddings, bratabandha, Dashain, Tihar, Teej, and other Hindu celebrations and festivals. Numerous Nepali-speaking groups prepare and relish this dish. It is made not only in Nepal but also in Sikkim, Darjeeling, and, more recently, anyplace there are Nepalis living.

This treat is also offered in a lot of neighborhood eateries in Nepal. Additionally, during any puja, event, or festival, people send selroti is as a gift (koseli) or as a prasad to family members and friends who are living away from home. 


Let us begin by listing the ingredients for sel roti.

  • 2 kilogram of rice 
  • 250 grams of ghee (Optional)
  • Water Ghee or oil (to cook) 
  • Sugar to taste
  • One cup of milk
  • Two tablespoons of cardamom powder

Instructions to Follow

You must first prepare a batter in order to produce selroti. To achieve that, you must soak the raw rice for at least eight hours or overnight after rinsing it several times. After the rice has soaked, remove the water and crush it with the sugar and ghee. You can use an electric mixer or conventional silauto and lohoro to grind it. 

Then you can add ghee and sugar after you grind the rice. You can omit the ghee and sugar now and add them afterward, even if you are grinding the rice in a mixer. Now, transfer the granulated rice, ghee, sugar, and cardamom powder into a large bowl.

If you want to change the batter’s consistency, you may also add additional milk or water. It shouldn’t be overly thick or thin. It ought to be in the middle between being thick and thin. After completing the consistency, take a two- to three-hour break.

Batter for selroti

Batter for selroti

Now get a funnel ready so you can simply pour the batter into it and drop it into the ghee or oil. Another option is to chop off the bottom of a water bottle and use it as a funnel. If not, you can also pour the batter into a jug to give the selroti its round form. (A skilled sel roti maker can use their hands to pour the batter.)

Now, fill a deep-frying pan with ghee or oil. Warm up the oil. Once the oil reaches a sufficient temperature, transfer the batter into a bottle and drop it into the oil, forming a circle. You must reevaluate the batter’s consistency and make any necessary adjustments before pouring it. 

Making selroti
Frying the selroti

Then, cook the selroti until it is golden brown on both sides. After deep-frying, remove from the oil and set aside. To absorb extra oil or ghee, use paper towels. Continue in this manner until the batter is used up. 

Eat selroti for breakfast or as a snack with your loved ones! It can be kept for up to 15–20 days. 

Bottom Line

We are certain that this guide will lead to our readers making the perfect selroti for the weekend. If you try it, we would love to see how it turns out. We wish you a weekend as sweet as selrotis you make. Happy cooking!

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