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6 Effective Ways to Keep You Warm

Winter is here. What are you doing to keep yourself warm this winter? Here, we have collected 6 effective ways to keep you warm.
Whether it is terai, hills, or mountains, cold weather is unbearable, and it is necessary to be cautious of the cold. Common colds, throat sores, coughs, and runny noses are easy to get this season. So make sure you prepare well for smooth sailing this winter. Here are 6 effective ways to keep you warm.

1 Proper Layering

Layering the perfect composition of clothing rather than just one thick piece of clothing is a smart way to keep warm. Start with the base layers of a cotton tee shirt and thermal vest to keep the heat inside. On the top, match it out with long-sleeve tops and Voila! Top off with anything outer, like a coat, hoodie, or pants, and you are good to go. Keep a look for clothing made from wool, cotton, or fleecy fabric.

2 Keep the Heat

Keep your curtains open during the day to let in light and warmth, and close them before it gets dark to prevent heat loss. At night, if you use any heating element like an electric heater, Bricket, gas heater or warm air circulator to warm a room, ensure the room is well-ventilated, like leaving a small part of the door or window open. Keep your blankets at least 3 feet away from the heating element. After you use it, unplug it and keep it out of the room before you sleep. If you do not use any heating elements, then block frames of windows and under doorways to keep the warm inside.

3 Hot Foods to Keep Warm

Eating a balanced diet is a must, but the increasing hunger and unhealthy food are tempting. Eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible daily will help your immune system perform appropriately during the winter. To stay warm, try to drink as many hot beverages and foods such as porridge, soups, and stews regularly. Only drinking hot water as a beverage is also a great option if you have no idea or energy to cook.

4 Be Active

We know it feels hard to move around in this cold weather. But trust me, keeping yourself active and moving helps boost blood circulation. Move about at least once an hour, and avoid sitting for an extended time. Even light exercise can help you stay warm. When you sit, put your feet up since it is coldest near the ground.

5 Best Gadget

Investing in a good-quality heated blanket is one of the best investments you can make this winter. It is one of the best cold-weather items you can buy. Instead of using energy to heat the entire bedroom, the heated blanket warms you. Traditional types that plug into a wall are available. Other types use a battery that you charge via a USB connection to keep you warm wirelessly for hours.

6 Perception

Change your perception of cold. Some people have trained their minds to experience cold as an objective, acceptable sensation rather than something scary and challenging to manage. Use Warm-colored lighting in your living areas. Warm LED or incandescent lights can help create a lovely ambiance and contribute to the feeling of warmth.

In the End

So, what do you think about these 6 effective ways to Keep You Warm? Which one of them do you think your friends and family need to hear about? Make sure you share this with people you love and remind them to keep warm this winter in the best way possible. Make sure you follow us and comment to share more of your ideas on what you do to keep yourself warm on winter days.

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