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4th Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival

The opening of the 4th Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival (NIIFF) took place at Bhrikutimandap City Hall in Kathmandu. Kicking off on June 5, the festival began with a vibrant tableau performance. Also, a series of special cultural shows set the stage for an exciting three-day event that concluded on June 7. Organized by the NIIFF, the festival celebrates films created by filmmakers from Indigenous communities.

Festival Objectives and Significance

Since 2007 it has sought to address Indigenous Peoples’ exclusion, injustice, and prejudice. The criteria for films showcased at the festival require them to be created by indigenous filmmakers. Or focus on indigenous issues, knowledge, wisdom, good practices, and culture.

The festival’s goal is to promote indigenous voices and perspectives through cinema. Thereby fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of indigenous communities. This year’s festival seeks to bring Indigenous films to a broader audience, highlighting their cultural significance and storytelling richness.

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Deputy Speaker Indira Rana inaugurated the festival, emphasizing the crucial role film plays in enhancing the general understanding of indigenous communities. She highlighted that films, documentaries, and other forms of art should delve into the diverse aspects of Indigenous life, showcasing their culture, traditions, and issues.

Purkhajit Rai, Chair of the Federation of Indigenous Nationalities Film, stressed the importance of producing films in native languages. He argued that this practice is vital for preserving the identity of different communities and promoting their customs, culture, language, and traditional knowledge. Rai expressed his belief that the festival would elevate these films to both national and international levels, ensuring a significant presence and performance by international filmmakers and their works. Renowned actor Dayahang Rai also urged filmmakers to share their community’s stories with the global audience. 

Looking Ahead

As the festival unfolds over the next few days, attendees can anticipate a diverse array of films that delve into the lives, challenges, and triumphs of Indigenous peoples. By celebrating Indigenous cinema, the NIIFF strives to foster a deeper connection between Indigenous communities and the broader world.

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