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10 Facts About Dharahara

At the center of Kathmandu, there is a white tower, Dharahara. We have come across that building at least once in our life. How many of us have climbed the stairs of Dharahara? How many really dream of climbing Dharahara? Even after almost two centuries of its establishment, why does Dharahara stand still? There are many questions about the building standing still in the middle of Kathmandu. Let me tell you that this building has historical significance, which we should treasure and pass down to the next generation.
Well, we are all either known or unknown to these questions. But you will find these 10 facts about Dharahara interesting.

1 Built By

श्री मुख्तियार जर्नेल भीमसेन थापा (Image Source: wikipedia)

Let’s start with the fact that it was built by the then Prime Minister (Muktiyar) Bhimsen Thapa. In 1834, he built this tower to show off his power and control over the country. It was used as military watchtower.

2 Under Her Command

Potrait of Queen Tripurasundari (Image Source: Wikipedia)

The tower was built under the orders of Queen Lalit Tripura Sundari. She was the widow of Late Rana Bahadur Shah, a regent of Nepalese Palace. It was also known as Queen Lalit Tripurasundari’s tower until 1934.

3 The First Dharahara

Earliest Image of Dharahara

The first Dharahara was built in 1824 (1882 BS) at Bhimsen Thapa’s residence in, Janarala Bagh. The location is at south-east of Sundhara, near Bhotebahal of Kathmandu. But, in 1833 earthquake ddestroyed the building and never rebuilt. A year later in 1834 second Dharahar, what we know now, was built for Queen Lalit Tripura Sundar, who was niece of Bhimsen Thapa.

4 Another Earthquake

Destroyed Dharahara

In 1890 BS another earthquake destroyed Bhimsen Thapa’s Dharahara, but by then he was out of power and it was rebuilt.

5 Purpose

Kot Arsenal where mascara took place

The military used it as a watchtower. When circumstances of national significance occurred, bugles sounded from the top floor of the tower. This was the call for soldiers to gather at Tudikhel. Jung Bahadur sent the famous Kot Masscre invitation through Dharhara by blowing up a double bugle sound from the top of it.

6 Stood for 80 years

Bhimsen Tower

Juddha Shumsher Rana finally built it to last another 80 years after repeated earthquakes and multiple destructions in history. He was the Prime Minster of Nepal in 1990 BS.

7 Jung Bahadur Rana and The Myth

Jung Bahadur Rana

According to legend, “The White Tiger” aka Jung Bahadur Rana rode his horse upstairs to the balcony of the tower. What he did next was considered bold by many and stupid by others. On horseback, he jumped off the balcony! The horse died as a result of the fall, but “Jungey” survived. One of his many bold acts

8 Myth Of JBR

There is a myth that our first Rana Prime Minister jumped off the Dharahara. It is a myth all along that he jumped off the 9-story, 236-foot-tall structure. He convinced the insane prince Surendra to postpone the day of the drop in order to save himself.

9 Architecture

Architectural design of Dharahara is unique as it has design of Mughal and European styles. It looked like an Islamic minaret. On top of the tower is a statue of the Hindu deity Shiva.

10 Open to Public

Dharahara was only open to the public after 2005. Previously, only approved personnel had permission to enter Dharahara.


On these 10 facts about Dharahara, how many of them did you not know? Did you find the facts interesting? Let us know your thoughts on the comments.

From the honour of Queen Tripurasundari to the myth of Prime Minister Rana Dharahara has been the symbol of power, fame, royal and people. Now as we can get to the top of Dharahara as we please but it was not always the same case in the history. Two century old architect have many things to say on the modern country. As the time goes by we should treasure this more and respect this historical landmark often.

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